Products & Services

Ring Type Joint Gaskets
Lone Star maintains API specifications 6A – Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment Ring Joint Gaskets; PSI 1,2,3,3G,4, and 17D-Subsea Wellhead and Christmass Tree Equipment Ring Joint Gaskets; PSL 2,3.

Wellhead Gaskets
Lone Star manufactures custom parts from all types of steels, stainless steels and high nickel alloys and are produced to very strict tolerances. Lone Star manufactures all custom products on CNC machine tools. We operate over 20 different machine tools, ranging from small diameter bar-fed machines to large horizontal CNC lathes.

Corruflex Spiral Wound Gaskets
Corruflex spiral wound gaskets are available in a full range of styles and materials and are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20 for use in all industry flanges, including ASME/ANSI B16.5, ASME 16.47, Series A & B.

Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Lone Star produces heat exchanger gaskets for shell and tube exchanges in a wide range of materials, sizes, and configurations.

PureTex Expanded PTFE Products
PureTex Expanded PTFE is made of an expanded virgin PTFE that is known for its chemical resistance.

TetraStar Sheet Material
TetraStar is made from PTFE material which is suitable for a wide variety of sealing applications. It is known for its exceptional mechanical and electrical properties, as well as its chemical resistance and durability.

Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet Material
Lone Star offers a selection of compressed gasket sheet materials manufactured utilizing the hot calendared process. This process combines select fibers and fillers blended with suitable heat resisting binders which are vulcanized into sheets of homogeneous composition and uniform thickness for a wide variety of sealing applications.

Flange Insulation Kits
Lone Star offers a variety of sealing selections for applications where cathodic corrosion is a concern. Gaskets are produced in accordance with ANSI B16.5 specifications and can be supplied individually or assembled in a kit with sleeves and washers.

Corruflex Corrugated Gaskets
Lone Star produces corrugated metal gaskets in both raised face and full faced styles.

KamproStar Gaskets
Lone Star produces Camprofile gaskets manufactured using serrated insert technology.

LS Series Graphite Sheet Material
Lone Star graphite sheet is made from exfoliated graphite flake with high carbon content. It is chemically treated and expanded under high temperature amd pressed for rolling.


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